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As you all recognize, Windows Phone seven could be a fresh mobile operating system thus there’s somewhat of a way of newness and freshness to the OS that appeals to me. I conjointly wrote the Windows Phone seven Companion book and have somewhat of an emotional attachment to the platform thus i’m making an attempt to require out these emotions and provides the device an honest look.
Windows Phone seven could be a pretty OS with slick animations and quick performance. There are some problems that bug me concerning the operating system though and these include:
* No multi-tasking, leads to innumerable reloading…
* No cut, copy, and paste
* No custom ringtone capability
* restricted customizability on begin screen
* Lack of some key apps (Evernote, Kindle or Nook, and podcatcher)
* workplace apps are pretty restricted in terms of what you’ll do from the phone
* Inconsistency in auto rotation (especially lame with kickstand and then Zune forever in portrait mode)
* Lock into Zune software for computer connections (no drive or file access)
* Lack of tethering support

* Lack of ability to capture screenshots
Many of those are often mounted with software updates (Microsoft already stated cut, copy, and past can indeed be mounted with an update terribly soon) and a few with application releases. i’m an enormous podcast fan and would like to see Microsoft add support for locating and downloading podcasts through the Zune integration. However, the true multi-tasking seen on the Android platform could never return to the current platform and that i don’t suppose Windows Phone seven can ever be as customizable as Android.

Android vs Windows phone 7 Some of the professionals of Windows Phone seven over Android two.2 include:
* Slick and consistent UI (in terms of menus)
* tight app choice at launch (Netflix, Slacker, Slingplayer, Shazam, USAA, Endomondo, Xbox LIVE games)
* Zune integration rocks and is nice for downloading and streaming music
* Facebook integration is nice
* terribly stable
* excellent Exchange support, together with multiple Exchange account support
We has been using Windows Phone seven for some months and therefore the OS has been rock solid with no crashes and simply some lockups recently within the Marketplace. On the opposite hand, I often see force shut pop-ups, even in Android two.2 on the MT4G.
We think folks can realize the sheer speed, fluidity, and consistency within the Windows Phone seven OS to be fun and refreshing, however once time the constant loading with dots flying across the screen tends to induce tiresome. i prefer the live tiles for email, however these are required for things like Twitter apps and Facebook too because the Android OS is way higher at notifications. Windows Phone seven is kind of glanceable, whereas you’ll try and do a similar through widgets on Android.
Some things i really like concerning the Android OS on the MT4G include:
* True multi-tasking where apps are often running at a similar time as different apps
* Customizability of the house screen and panels
* glorious application choice within the Android Market
* Google services integration with Voice, Listen, Search, Gmail, and Maps
* Full access to the directory structure on the device
* glorious Exchange integration with slick read choices (conversation, faves, attachments)
* Awesome mobile net browser with best text reflow support compared to the other platform
* Google Maps Navigation service that’s robust to beat and has proven to be reliable
* WiFi Hotspot tethering capability
* Widgets for things like wireless association management
* Swype text entry keyboard
Cons of Android on the MT4G on behalf of me include:
* restricted quality gaming
* Repeated contact indexing with the Genius button
* Lack of content sources for media (music and video)
Looking over these bullet lists and a few of my comments, it looks pretty clear to me that Android two.2 on the MT4G is my preference similarly. Windows Phone seven could be a terribly slick operating system with some smart quality apps, games, and media services, however it is also a one.0 unleash and has definite area for growth whereas Android has had some of years to induce refined and optimized for the smartphone user.

Android vs Windows phone 7 1 Android vs Windows phone 7

Android vs Windows phone 7,android 2.2 brought an entire host of performance updates over two.1. From an improved battery to significantly less choppy video recording, things are simply usually higher with two.2.
As it was if you had an iPhone 3G and upgraded to an iPhone four. However, iOS four didn’t play nicely with older iPhones – though an update finally looks to own rectified this annoying downside.
Windows Phone seven phones have internal storage and no microSD just like the iPhone, however Android handsets are additional versatile and plenty of supply expandable storage.
The requirement to own a touchscreen is an element of the Windows Phone seven ‘Chassis 2′ specs that Microsoft has laid down for all Windows Phone seven handsets. All even have a 1GHz processor, a 1500mAh battery and Bluetooth two.1, together with a three.5mm headphone jack.
All 3 platforms currently support 720p video recording, whereas Android two.2 conjointly supports Flash – not like iOS, of course. Windows Phone seven could have the technology, however it’s not offered at launch.
While iOS four.1 options HDR pictures, the massive boon of the camera in Windows Phone seven is that it starts thus quickly. There’s conjointly an choice to auto-upload to Windows Live SkyDrive, though this can eat your knowledge in no time the least bit.
A Wi-Fi hotspot support is included in Android two.2 however this can be a miss from the opposite operating systems, even though Windows Phone seven and iOS four each support tethering.
Android 2.2 hotspot
While we tend to don’t believe Microsoft can build the maximum amount headway with Marketplace as Apple has with the App Store, there’ll still be many chance and suppleness for developers, a demographic Microsoft is keen to induce on with.
While Windows Phone seven actually isn’t open like Android, Microsoft can welcome app developers – particularly people who are ready to adopt the Windows Phone seven look and feel.
Interface and personalisation
The iPhone’s new folders functionality is an admission by Apple that things have gotten out of hand, however we’re stunned to not see Android’s 5 “up and down” home screens similarly, instead of the endless scrolling to the correct.
And though the folders auto-rename, we’re disappointed there are not any auto-grouping choices based mostly on App Store classes.

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