Potential hackers clog the World Oil Supply

Potential hackers clog the World Oil Supply

Jakarta - hacker attacks on a number of the oil industry and increasing energy. Of particular concern is the world's oil supply disruption because of the action.

Most of the oil refinery industry is controlled automatically by a computer. This is what is causing the industry to be targeted by rogue hackers who try to take advantage.

"If anyone managed to get into the system and controls the valves open and close system, you can imagine what would happen," said Ludolf Luehmann, IT manager of Shell Europe.

Such concerns are not without reason. Previously there was a hacker who managed to get into the water pumping system supplier residents Springfield, Illinois, United States. Then it performs a destructive action continually unscrew the faucet.

Another example is the discovery of the virus and Duqu Stuxnet. Both malicious program that is designed to attack the industry.

"Attacks against our system is started up, and we are sure there krimal and commercial motives behind the attack," added Luehmann, as quoted by Reuters on Sunday (18/12/2011).

For Luehmann, the entire attack could just as with the previous attack. Maybe the actors are currently collecting data is important to then make the real attack that could cripple an industry.

Source :  Potential hackers clog the World Oil Supply


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