How to Flash Samsung c3303i

 How to Flash Samsung c3303i

These tools and programs are needed:

1. HP Samsung champ c3303i
2. Champ samsung data cable (mini usb). pake CA-101 can
3. Flash loader program. can be downloaded here  mediafire flash loader in the same.
4. Firmware C3303IJPKB1. can be downloaded here

A. Move all the important things in memory to memory card hp
2. Turn off the HP
3. Press the volume down key., (Some phones use the volume keys, please try on your phone)
4. Micro usb cable plugs into the phone, and computers to these machines
detect the DFU device debagai brarti is correct, if only as a
modem, disconnect the USB cable again, and try again,
5. The computer will ask for drivers, just install the driver manually, there is the flash loader driver, locate the folder C3300K_Flash_loader_7.4.4_SSG_v0.5
6. After the driver install is complete, remove the usb cable.

A. Open Flash loader 7.4.4_SSG_v0.5.exe
2. click on the model set, and select C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl
3. check the "Application binary file", click browse, select file exstensi. PTT
4. Select "STL image file", click browse, select (STL .....))
5. select "TFS File", click browse, select C3303IJP_tfs
6. select "CSC File", click browse, select
7. click START.
8. press the volume down key, micro usb cable plugs into the champ and the computer
9. flasing process will automatically direct way. Wait until it finishes.
10. If HP has come out charging icon, it means that the flashing process is complete. If HP is dead do not ever pull the cord.
11. Turn on the HP, and check whether the flashing process is successful, is usually not
more than 20 minutes, depending on the computer is in use.

good luck

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  1. hello thus it require full charging in the phone

    1. Yes Batteries Used As when the flashing, Charge a minimum of 85%

  2. i try to flash my samsung champ but it failed and cant turn on. what is the best solution for my problem?

    1. yeah me too i have that promblem
      what can we do now ?

    2. yeah me too i have that promblem
      what can we do now ?

  3. in pressing the volume down and putting the USB cable on the computer, do i press the volume down long?? or i'll just gonna press it once.?

  4. sir i have got a serious problem here, i tried flashing but when i hold vol down key + lock key and connect the usb to comp, it automatically starts charging, nothing happens with flashing process. Help me out please

  5. [HELP] the rar file doesn't contain csc file :(

  6. C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl not exist in folder


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