[Success] Flashing Samsung C3322 Logo Restart By Flash Loader

Download Loader file its first E2222_C3322_Flash_loader_7.4.7_SSG_v0.1_Lite  

fileserve Click Here

File Mediafire : Click Here 

Flash File: Please Download in support Z3x

1) Execute the downloader

Execute the ‘Flash loader 7.4.7_SSG_v0.1_Lite.exe’ program.

(Notice : Flash loader supports only Single-CSC.)

2) Set Model

Click "SET MODEL", and you can select appropriate model.

You should choice "C3322_LAKOTA_Setting_v00.mdl" for further advance.

3) Select the binary, TFS, and CSC files

Click "Partition Table", and you can select a certain binary.

With browsing files, you can choice appropriate Flash-loader partition table all at once.

After that, you should activate TFS, CSC.

Also you can select the TFS files, and CSC files.

(Notice : The buttons of TFS and CSC need to be activated not only after phone image

is added first)

4) Select the download mode

Click "START" to ready to download binary.

(Notice : In this step, the mobile device actually don’t download the binary yet.)

5) Connect the device

First, power off the device with battery.

After that, connect PC with device using USB cable.

(Don’t detach your finger from two keys.)

In that case the device will power on and downloader recognize the device automatically

6) Complete download

The download process is automatically executed.

If "Slot freed for new download" message was shown without any problems, you now do

wnloads the binary successfully.

(Notice : After download process is completed, take care of the abnormal power off situ

ation(ex. mount/demount battery) within the first booting time. It may causes malfunction)

7) Confirm Download

- Reboot the device and confirm whether the device do normal operation.

- When completing download, downloader is automatically initialized and ready for

connecting next device.

1. open Flash loader 7.4.7_SSG_v0.1_Lite.rar (in extracts)

2. click set model, and select C3322_LAKOTA_Setting_v00.mdl (in firmware C3322XXKE3_OXE)

3. check "Application binary file", click browse,. PTT (in firmware C3322XXKE3_OXE)

4. check the "TFS File", click browse, select. tfs (in firmware C3322XXKE3_OXE)

5. check "CSC File", click browse, select. csc [(in firmware C3322XXKE3_OXE)

6. click start ..

7. press the volume 1 + 3 (many versions exist that 5 + 8 vol down + lock)