Moving Thousands of Iranian Government Site

 Moving Thousands of Iranian Government Site

TEHRAN, Iran - Remember Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuclear facilities some time ago? Yes, the virus induced the government of Iran is now hosting thousands of sites to move them to a safer place.

"More than 90% of hosting the government websites are now already in the country," said Ali Hakim Javadi, Vice Minister of Communications and Technology Iran.

Javadi explained, the current government of Iran has 30 thousand sites that had previously been in North America and in several other countries. The transfer is expected to anticipate cyber attacks that recently attacked the country on the peninsula Persian.

The Iranian government also believes that the virus is one threat to watch out for. Moreover with the experience of those who had attacked Stuxnet.

"This is a very important action to maintain state information," added Javadi, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (12/21/2011).

Stuxnet which began to be detected in June 2010 it was so horrendous. This virus has a knack for attacking supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), a system used to control the pipeline system, nuclear power plants and other manufacturing equipment.

source : Moving Thousands of Iranian Government Site