Samsung Patented "Emoticon" User Facial Expressions

Samsung Patented "Emoticon" User Facial Expressions

Samsung and Apple have clashed on war-related patents "emoticons". Instead of fighting over these patents, Samsung actually registered a patent "emoticons" a new work based on the expression of cell phone users.

In patent documents filed with the Patent and Copyright Office of the United States, the methods used for the emoticon is based on the so-called Action Units komponoen (AUS). The patent document can be viewed at this link.

This method can capture the user's individual expression of a wear detector adapted to user's facial muscle contractions. There are 30 kinds of expression that is registered with the patent "emoticons" are new.

However, the main emoticon types of patents are the facial expressions as anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise and disgust.

The patent is a special hardware that has been prepared by Samsung. Although the form of hardware, this emoticon patent also requires the processor and memory to process these emoticons.

Samsung also said that the patent is not using the device camera to capture the user's facial expressions. Unfortunately, Samsung does not want to call methods of this patent further.

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