Technology addiction Cause Feelings of Loneliness

Technology addiction Cause Feelings of Loneliness

Jakarta - Ease of increasingly sophisticated technology, it makes a negative effect on humans. According to research, the average person is struggling with the technology of 48 hours without causing adverse effects in social interaction, the sense of loneliness.

Surveys conducted reveal DNX digital marketing company, at least 3% of adults experience what is called the 'dominant digital'.

Digital is dominant, where a person spends 48 hours of his time on a regular basis with communications technologies such as SMS, email or video chat without interacting with other people physically.

This survey itself involving 1,000 correspondents in England. The result, as much as 19% of them do not bear interactions without direct contact for 2 days. That triggered the adverse effects of loneliness.

"Technology is really helping us. However, this should not replace the art of conversation and human contact," said Drew Nicholson of DNX, as reported by the DailyMail, Sunday (06/05/2012).

"It's a worrying trend. Can not fully engage with the digital age is an obstacle in modern society, "he said.

source :  Technology addiction Cause Feelings of Loneliness