Track Lost Android Phone

Track Lost Android Phone

Lost Android phone? maybe, this application is extremely vital to assist realize or track down a missing friend Android phone. don't worry if my friend to half together with your HP [ed: lost / stolen]. scan conjointly concerning the way to remotely management the android phone.
This advanced application is specifically designed to secure the Android phone, management the phone remotely. we will determine where the position is to use applications that are embedded in each Android phone is that the GPS and repair supplier Network supplier [SIM], activate and switch off GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, alarm and a lot of.

MobiUcare features:
[-] find device (GPS, wireless network)
[-] Take an image from your lost phone (Front or backfacing camera)
[-] Wipe device (reset to factory defaults)
[-] Remote phone lock with message
[-] Reset password
[-] Record audio and send email
[-] Wipe SD card
[-] Send notification device lock on SIM card amendment
[-] build loud siren
[-] Toggle GPS
[-] Toggle WIFI / Bluetooth
[-] Send messages
[-] Memory / method monitoring
[-] Backup decision logs
[-] Backup SMS
[-] management using SMS

MobiuCare attention-grabbing review:

Let's say you lose your Android phone [hopefully not], realize somebody who has replaced cardnya SIM, then the applying automatically can send SMS with MobiuCare SIMCARD newly put in to the phone variety that has been our goal the previous setting. Well simply in case, install the applying and immediately setting MobiuCare this notification destination variety to a different variety that my friend observed.

We will get notification of those applications are put in on the new variety and that we will track the position of our location is where the Android. Send sms to the quantity who command put in, you'll be able to send commands to, activate GPS, lock screen with password, delete all the information your phone, flip the telephone alarm, take photos from camera, sound recording, backing up sms, even we will grasp thoroughly battery standing, memory and every one the programs put in.

Well, curiously enough not the applying of this lost phone tracking?
If you have put in this application to envision the Google Account login to my friend

Login: MobiuCare

Please cekidot in Android Market: MOBIUCARE