Tutorial How to Use Android Root SuperOneClick, Universal Androot and z4root

Tutorial How to Use Android Root SuperOneClick, Universal Androot and z4root

 What is a Root? Android root function is to provide full access to the Android file system, if on Windows, root function is almost the same as administrator.

Android operating system developers deliberately restricting access to Android file system so that users do not "destroy" the system, for example due to accidentally delete an important file that allows you to run the operating system as a whole or from third-party applications.

Because many readers of hp.com asking price, how to root Android, then in this tutorial, we will inform you how, but earlier is better read the warning below.

Warning! Root Android phone is basically safe enough to do, but the process is said to devour the warranty and for one reason or another, an error may occur when the root causes mobile brick or totally dead, even though it is very rare.

 We are not responsible for any risks or damages that may occur due to root poses that you do.

Note: When the phone to be damaged after the root, in fact most likely not caused by the root itself, but the result of a previous phone is problematic.

Therefore, if you buy a new Android phone, it is advisable not directly at the root, use a few moments beforehand to make sure your phone is in excellent condition with no damage.

 Hmmm ... after reading the warnings above, some readers may be forward-backward or think twice about doing root: D Therefore, if you are still dissatisfied with the condition of your Android phone or a tablet now, then the process is actually not necessary Root. Advantages and disadvantages of root can be seen in the following article:

 Here's how to use the Android rooting SuperOneClick applications, Universal Androot and z4root.


  1.  Download (download) driver in advance for your mobile phone. When the CD included in the package, usually found on the driver CD. For Samsung, HP driver software contained on Kies.
  2.  Download the application SuperOneClick. You can download  here
  3.  If your computer uses Windows XP operating system, then your computer must have installed Microsoft. NET Framework v2.0 + first. If you are a user of Windows Vista or Windows 7, then it need not be done (already installed).
  4.  Should mobile phone battery in a charged condition of 70% or more
  5.  Turn off the antivirus on the computer while
  6.  REMOVE SD card or memory card first.
 Note: The root will not erase the data on the phone, but we recommend it to back up important data first.
 Root measures Android mobile phone:

  •  You must set an Android phone into Debugging mode by going to Settings (Settings)> Applications (Applications)> Development (Development)> USB debugging check (USB Debugging) 
  •  Connect your Android phone into the computer using a USB cable. Wait until your phone is detected on the computer and on the notification panel indicator appears phones USB debugging mode (marked with an exclamation mark inside a triangle)
  •  Extract SuperOneClick.zip file using WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip or IZArc.
  •  Run the application SuperOneClick.exe. If you are a user of Windows 7 or Vista, run the program by clicking the right mouse button and select "Run as administrator"
  •  Click the Root
  •  Wait until the process is complete (only takes a few minutes)
  •  If a notification appears "Root files have been installed! Would you run a test? "Please click on Yes
  •  The process has been completed :) Please restart your HP Android.
  • To restore to its original state, you can simply click Unroot. If this is done + factory reset, your HP warranty applies automatically back :)
Rooting is an indication that the process works is you'll find a new application called Superuser. If you can not find the Superuser app, try restarting HP first. This application allows you to control applications that require root access.

With this application you can "allow" or "not allow" other applications to get right into the Android system. Any applications that require root access will be informed by the Superuser, to allow you have to click "Allow".

In addition to using SuperOneClick application, you can also use applications such as Android or Universal z4root Androot. With these apps you can do a root directly from the phone without the need for computer assistance.
 How To Use Universal Android Root Androot:

Install the application
     >>Wait for the complete installation
     >>Admission to Universal applications Androot
     >>Click the root
     >>Done :)
     >>If you want just click Unroot Unroot.
 How To Use Rooting Android z4root:
The trick is similar to Universal Androot. However, you must first enable debugging mode. z4root can perform root permanently or only temporary (temporary). For temporary mode, HP will return to its original state (Unroot) if you restart the phone. According to the makers z4root application for temporary mode, the application is compatible with virtually all mobile phone brands Android.

Using the universal application or Androot z4root is relatively easy, it's just that the compatibility of the application is not as much as SuperOneClick.


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