Malware disguised secretly Antifirus SMS Data Theft

Security software ought to be to blame of keeping the device from attacks of malicious programs. however security from Kaspersky Lab Researchers found That Contrary to the facts.

Through his written statement, Monday, June 25, 2012, the Russian antivirus firm Revealed That there are 3 files within the Android Application Package (APK) is assessed as a security software would be a scout.

Third APK file size 207 kilobytes every are detected as HEUR: Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.Zitmo.a.

"All applications are dangerous and are designed to steal SMS messages from the infected device," said Denis Maslennikov, Senior Malware Analyst, Kaspersky Lab.

SMS can then be uploaded to a foreign server with a URL encrypted and stored within the body of the Trojan.

One domain Could be a remote server, said Maslennikov, was registered using an equivalent false information that's used to register ZeuS C & C in 2011.

"The perform of malware is virtually an equivalent additionally recent ZitMo Because the sample. Therefore, we have a Tendency to decision 'Android Premium Security Suite' as New ZitMo," he said.

Earlier this antivirus firms have even found a lot of 3 within the APK file with precisely the same perform.

So, there are a minimum of six files That are all pretending to be »Android Premium Security Suite", however really created to steal SMS messages.

Once the file protection abal-abal, the blue can seem protect icon underneath the name »Android Premium Security Suite". If the Applying is opened it'll look "activation code" it.

Apart from the content stealing SMS, one amongst the character of this Trojan is that? It will receive commands to uninstall Itself and steal the data systems are still as enable / disable the Applying.