Send files easily and quickly viaNfc in blackberry

 Send files easily and quickly viaNfc in blackberry

Do not feel the market is now a sliding phone with a feature NFC (near fied Comunication) Among such families blckberry OS7.1. While waiting for the presence of NFC-based applications, now you can Optimize NFC on BB OS 7.1 for sending files, you're curious following a series of tips described by RIM to explain file transfer NFC, NFC should be deactivated if currently not in use, so the battery does not drained.Step One - Enabling NFC

To use NFC, first, first activate the NFC in the managed connection. Caution, if you install OS7.1 velum, menu / option will not appear. You must have OS7.1. Check the option is "Near Field Communication" to activate the NFC. At seat active NFC, NFC icon (in brackets in red to the image) will appear on your home screen.NB: Do not switch the option NFC if not used for saving battery power.blackberry-NFC-near-field-communicationEnable Near Field Communication

1. Select the "Manage Connections" from homescreen 
2. Near Field Communication checkbox to "On".

Step Two - Sending Files

After enable NFC, to send a file (such as the example picture below) to other BlackBerry smartphone with NFC features. Perform the following ways:

1. Open the Pictures app
2. Select / open the picture that may be sent 
3. Press the menu button and select "Send" with "Tag"

4. Follow the display messages and position the two BlackBerry berikutm "back to back" two BlackBerry that support NFC to send the file. Because the NFC hardware on your BlackBerry back position. Make sure both are already enabled BlackBerry NFC with the above.


5. Display the following message appears to confirm whether you want to receive the file / content of smartphones.


6. Press "Receive" to begin receiving the file from your fellow BlackBerry NFC.Hopefully these tips useful information and bust users who use BlackBerry smartphones that support NFC and BlackBerry OS7.1. Sending a file with the NFC will be easier and faster than Bluetooth or via email.Sharing the beauty of ...

Send files easily and quickly viaNfc in blackberry

Disclaimer: We are not Responsible for any Damages that may be happened to your Device in the process that we mentioned in the following guide. If any issues happens, we will help you to resolve the problem. Also Keep in mind rooting will void your device’s warranty.