White Graphics Icon Notification: Applications Resource Monitor

 White Graphics Icon Notification: Applications Resource Monitor
Good news for BlackBerry device users who support OS7.1 because RIM has been providing applications / features of the new default in the latest OS7.1 "Applications Resource Monitor"

Open the choices on your BlackBerry Device, search "Resource Monitor Applications"
Go and check "Turn On Applications Resource Monitor"

This application are active and monitor the complete Applications are "active" is running on your BlackBerry device and notify you if any Applications that use / waste device memory or your BlackBerry battery.

Notification within the kind of a white graphic icons on the homescreen notification, once the clicking, it'll show a message notif what tine application memory and battery and notif are lost.

You can additionally choose / activate the choice to automatically close up the tine aplikasi2 the memory / battery.

Piling and check "automatically shutdown the background draining Applications"

This feature isn't out there in all OS7.1, we discover this feature within the latest OS7.1.0.523 www.berryindo.com/official-os-7-1-0-523-blackberry-bold-9900/ on daring 9900

If you've got a BlackBerry OS7.1 support Device, scrutinize OS7.1.0.523 for your Device.

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