[MOD] LAG FREE g2X + dalvik fix by flak0

Script and Tweaks Bring Buttery swish G2x expertise

With the newer phones starting off and having increasingly spectacular hardware, it’s straightforward to forget that not previously, devices suffered from this small downside known as lag. though the lag downside has been all however snuffed out by the advances in hardware and thusftware over the last year or so, there are still some devices out there that have lag problems. In some cases, these lag problems will even be fastened.

This is the case with the T-Mobile LG G2x. Being among the primary wave of twin core phones, it absolutely was not too previously that this was a flagship device for T-Mobile. That doesn't mean that the device isn’t subject to lag, however, and currently there’s the simplest way to repair it. XDA Senior Member flak0 has released a mod that may get rid of the lag.

The mod is straightforward to use. Users will flash it via custom recovery. once it boots, users download their favorite script managing application and switch on the script entitled tune.sh. Additionally, flak0 has included what the tweak includes, and shows users a way to do it manually for those willing to urge their hands a bit dirty.

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So far for the past 2 months or thus we've got been having the wonderful devs build some pretty awesome ICS Roms. I actually have been lucky enough with the remainder of these on the g2x threads to learn from Owains awesome ICS builds particularly the most recent linaro build. currently the one issue with ICS lately is that the memory leaks and therefore the lag that slows the phone right down to a crawl. The lag on my phone particularly got me searching through the web and doing analysis on why it can be happening. I initial realized that the implementation of Zram on ICS failed to work properly with our devices. This round the time i made a decision to disable the Zram on the ICS build from OWAin that initially when disabled it worked a bit whereas however then it might begin to cut down once more. this is often once I started messing with the build.prop and commenced messing around with the dalvik dexopt flags. I may most likely persist and on however i will be able to cut it short here. currently i'm proud to gift to you the lag free -dalvik fix. I obtained the subsequent script with permission from batoo and his thread from the ATP forums. Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1721799
. The dalvik dexopt flag amendment were found through analysis of android and therefore the web. Below is that the procedure to urge some serious butter melted from our G2x at the side of a swish ride. There are 2 files you need: one.modified build.prop or do manual fix a pair of.tune.sh script (script manager recommended)


[B]Step 1: Download lagfree.zip below
Step 2: Extract to sdcard or internal storage
Step 3: assuming your employing a rooted file browser. copy your current build.prop
Step 4: place the extracted build.prop in system folder and set permissions to RW-R-R
Step 5: reboot into reocvery and wipe dalvik cache
Step 6: reboot, dalvik cache can rebuild
Step 7: use Script manager or no matter app and run the tune.sh check that you run with SU permissions. Reboot can disable script, run at each boot or set it with script manager
Step 6: get pleasure from the buttery swish g2x

-Manual Mode --
Open build.prop and add the subsequent
change dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=m=y TO
right below add
then amendment windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec = three hundred
comment out with #
then save
then goto step five higher than.

Download Lagfree.zip http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1149230&d=1340423230

Source : [MOD] LAG FREE g2X + dalvik fix by flak0

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