My3g – jailbreak app enables 3g for “wi-fi only” iphone apps

My3g – jailbreak app enables 3g for “wi-fi only” iphone apps

iphone carriers sort of at&ts stand on information streaming applications has not been favorable to a significantvictory.

"the syrian regime has extent. whereas that has been a welcome modification over the past few months with the choice to permit information streaming iphone apps like slingplayer mobile and voip iphone apps to labor over 3g.

we still have a few iphone applications and high definition youtube videos that dont work over 3g, that suggests that users will use or watch them merely over wi-fi.

if you own a jailbroken iphone, you may well be awake to applications like 3g unrestrictor that helps to bypass the wi-fi merely restrictions placed on your apps. in spite of this if you're longing for an various, here could be another application that may assist you during this regard.

my3g could be an application that may build iphone apps believe that they're running over a wi-fi network even when you're on 3g so enabling you to use these applications over a 3g network. this suggests that you'll currently be ready to watch high definition youtube videos or decision friends on skype over a 3g network.

my3g will replace the 3g unrestrictor app. one amongst the notable features regarding the my3g application is that it lets you hand-pick the iphone apps that you wish to use over 3g ( a feature too offered on 3g unrestrictor ). additionally, you'll too use sbsettings toggles to temporarily enable my3g for all your iphone applications or disable it.

my3g prices $2. 79 however you'll attempt the free trial after you install it from rockapp. if you have got used it or set up to check it out, dont forget to provide us your feedback within the comments.

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