SandroProxy Takes Android Browsing Privacy Up a Notch

SandroProxy Takes Android Browsing Privacy Up a Notch

Privacy on the Android platform may be a essential issue. From application permissions to browser security, privacy is an ever growing issue that a lot of developers are operating to shield. XDA Member SandroBSupp’s latest application, SandroProxy, is simply what you wish to shield your privacy whereas using net traffic.

Initial Impressions

Upon initial gap the appliance, you’ll be greeted by a screen with 3 tabs on it: Log, Data, and Apps. Along the highest are going to be some buttons that are fairly self explanatory. The “play” arrow starts the proxy service, the “wrench” opens setting, and also the “information” icon processes a call for participation for superuser permissions, that then permits you to look at all of your network info. Of course, on ICS the obligatory legacy menu choice is on the market and permits you to clear iptables.

Using the App

Now that the appliance is open, you’ll have decide what you would like to try to to next:

Non-root users are going to be ready to hit the play button and also the application can function an SSL MITM proxy (Secure Socket Layer Man-In-the-Middle proxy). In essence the appliance can intercept HTTP/HTTPS requests on the fly and redirect them to an online server, that in flip modifies each the information sent and received. There’s even an choice to use consumer certificates for this.

Root users on the opposite hand (which is most of the XDA Android community) have another choice out there to them. additionally to the MITM proxy service mentioned higher than, root users even have access to a clear proxy. this can be a network layer proxy that additionally redirects traffic and performs some routing functions, however solely modifies traffic for what's completely necessary for proxy identification/authorization. The good thing about this sort of proxy in Android is that every one traffic globally across the device or solely HTTP/HTTPS traffic from specific applications will be redirected. Application-specific traffic redirection is enabled by attending to the settings button, enabling the clear proxy, going back to the most page, and clicking on the “Apps” tab. At now you ought to be ready to choose whether or not you would like to enable/disable either HTTP or HTTPS proxy redirection for every, specific application.

The “Log” tab can after all keep track of your actions and make certain that any relevant information surrounding those actions is displayed properly.


Having used the appliance for many days, I will honestly say that it will what it purports. whereas a more recent user who isn't acquainted with networking in the slightest degree might have a tough time understanding what's happening initially, they ought to haven't any issue using the essential services. This application extremely shines for advanced users who have a transparent understanding of how this application works, and who need to require their privacy to consequent level by using app specific redirection or custom certificates. additionally, advanced users even have the flexibility to look at the request/response information that's saved within the applications cache.

Final Thoughts

The application is predicated on the WebScarab Project and is free, however ad-supported. All-in-all this can be an excellent program for guaranteeing information traffic privacy, thus head on over to the initial thread and provides this a go. If you’re a developer wanting to change or contribute to the current application, head on over to the Google Code page and have a glance at the supply.
Best regards,
Arjun Lap