Unofficial CM10 Alpha for the Mighty HD2

Unofficial CM10 Alpha for the Mighty HD2

Just many days ago, we tend to brought you news of an alpha version of Jelly Bean for the seemingly immortal HTC HD2. I may sit here and yammer on for days regarding how magnificent the device is, and the way we tend to might never once more see a tool that's capable of such a lot of wonderful things, however I won’t. If you aren’t acquainted with the HD2 and simply how awesome it's, there’s one thing terribly wrong with you.

Never one to lag behind alternative devices, it had been solely a matter of your time before the event community picked up that ball and ran with it. XDA Recognized Developer sportsstar89 has done simply that, and given the device it’s initial unofficial version of CyanogenMod ten. whereas this build continues to be {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very early stage and is absolute to have many bugs and quirks, it’s definitely usable. It conjointly is an excellent base for those wanting to make additional development work and facilitate porting effots. It’s currently solely compatible with the CLK bootloader, therefore those of you using MAGLDR can have to be compelled to switch if you would like to check this out.

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