How to Flash Samsung B3310

 "Samsung B3310 flashing tutorial using optiflash (free sw)"

It needs to be at the ready

1. Clearly there must be a Samsung B3310: p
2. Samsung B3310 data cable / Usb
3. a computer (there should be)
4. samsung usb driver >>> Click Here
5. optiflasher >>> Click Here
6. firmware >>> Click Here
7. A cigarette (required)
8. A glass of coffee
9. Beautiful Girls: p kwkwkw

Step Flashing

The first mobile phone should go first to the position bootmode .....!!!! (Hold * than put usb cable to your phone)

Or is my suggestion if you are still in a state Mobile Turns .. use the full reset code * 2767 * 3855 # and wait a few minutes to re-ignite Mobile. tindkan remember this may cause all data loss so you should back up your data


if password does not work contact me

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Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera - International Version with No Warranty (Titan Gray)

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