Israel Receiving 60 Million Times Hacker Attacks

Israeli-Palestinian war venturing into the cyber world. A group of hackers or hackers who called themselves 'Anonymous' declares cyber war against Israel.

This declaration in response to the threat that Israel will block internet access in Palestine. Israel previously, declared war against the Palestinians in three lines, physical, social, and cyber, as quoted from page Dailymail 20 November 2012 edition.

As Israel's defense forces launched air strikes into Palestinian territory, even this group of hackers trying to cripple Israel's international and government networks.

Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz acknowledged, the group - along with other protestors Israel - Israel bombard websites with 60 million hacking attempts.

But, according to him, the majority of cyber attacks failed. The only site that successfully hacked, he said, was able to function as usual in just minutes.

Anonymous group posted more than 650 Israeli websites that will list hacked in retaliation for the actions of Israel that they value, "barbaric, brutal, and cruel against the Palestinian people."