Capture Screenshot Applications for Your BlackBerry

Screenshot Applications for Your BlackBerry

 - Sometimes, once you are troubleshooting issues together with your Blackberry phone or one among its applications, taking a screenshot are often a lot of easier than attempting to explain the matter you're having very well. however your BlackBerry's OS does not provide a intrinsical mechanism for snapping screenshots. There are, however, some free applications that may permit you to require screenshots directly from your BlackBerry with ease.

Capture It

The school Mogul has developed Capture It, a free application that enables you to require screenshots of your BlackBerry and save them on the device. transfer the appliance OTA (Over the Air), and install it to your device. Once it's put in, simply hit the Menu key and opt for Capture It to require a screenshot.

You can attach the image to associate degree email or MMS, otherwise you will connect your BlackBerry to a laptop and retrieve the image from your BlackBerry's memory. This application can solely be ready to take screenshots of primary screens. you may not be ready to capture secondary screens or menus.

BlackBerry Master management Program

If you've got access to a Windows laptop, you'll use BlackBerry Master management Program (MCP) to capture screenshots of just about something on your BlackBerry. As long as your device will boot into the package and connect with your laptop, you may be ready to use MCP to capture screenshots of everything, as well as secondary screens and menus.

Once you have [ Downloaded ] and put in MCP to your laptop, begin the app. Then connect your BlackBerry to your laptop. Once MCP acknowledges it (and you sort in your BlackBerry's watchword if it's one), click on the Screen Capture icon (small monitor).

From there you'll opt for your device from the Screenshot Settings space, additionally because the computer file name, and wherever to avoid wasting the file. after you area unit prepared, click the Capture Screen button, and after you area unit happy with the image, click Save Screenshot. BlackBerry Master management Program is free, however it's still in Beta.