Jellybean [4.1.1], based mostly on sources of cm10, V5 online

 [ROM] Jellybean [4.1.1], based mostly on sources of cm10, V5 online

This Rom isn't the official designed of cm10 by Teamhacksung (Pawitp).
It is based mostly on their supply code, however with little modifications, to permit the utilization of /datadata partition

Many several thanks, to be18 and pawitp.
be18 has compiled the fist rom from sources, and while not pawitp there would not be the sources, thus while not these 2, this rom in all probability wouldn't be here.

what is working?
- calls/sms
- data
- wifi
. cam
- bluetooth
- gps
- ...

what's not working?
- mounting of external sd to laptop (you will switch to mtp mode in recovery to "fix" this)

many thanks to:
- be18
- mkalter, who got the primary running jb rom
- elitemovil (who was the primary who got gsm working)
- stratosk (from who's initramfs i might begin build my initial jb booting kernel)
- teamhacksung/pawitp for the rom sources
- team nyx who perpetually have sensible tips on behalf of me, if i purchase issues with my kernel
- SysTem-X for hosting
- Rootax for hosting
- RolluS for hosting
- several thanks additionally to the opposite those that have created mirrows

- if I actually have forgotten you, please pn me

V5 changes:
- based mostly on the last unharness by pawitp (compiled rom isn't booting atm, i hope this gets fastened soon)
- fastened notification sounds

V4 changes:
- designed from latest sources as of nowadays (07/19/2012, 4 pm)
- /datadata partition currently operating
- google tts operating currently (pico tts already operating before?)
- extended power menu
- additional menus in settings (some of them still aren't finished and result in a force shut of the settings)
- all kernel settings stick once reboot
- using "data-symlink-script" from RolluS to induce everything into the rom several thanks for this.

V2 changes:
- rom slimmed down and gapps/su fix included (thx to bhu1)
- replaced ear.apk with one speculated to work (user report)
- replaced hw composer with the one from nexus s (this is that the jb one, recent unharness was using ics hw composer)
- fastened recording of 720p (upstream fix to media_profiles.xml

install instructions:
1a) returning from another rom: wipe data/factory reset
1b) returning from previous version: delete folder /data/sys-parts before flashing (you ought to be fine while not wipe, however delteing this folder is important)

2) flash rom

3) flash addon (don't flash gapps from an alternative rom!)

4) reboot

Download links:
mirrow for the rom at google drive:

please make a nandroid backup before flshing the following mods. I don't create/test them myself. They should work, but sometimes things on the rom side change, and these mods need to be updated
phone.apk for transparent photo for incoming call:

on-scrren soft buttons:

IRC channel:

Disclaimer: We are not Responsible for any Damages that may be happened to your Device in the process that we mentioned in the following guide. If any issues happens, we will help you to resolve the problem. Also Keep in mind rooting will void your device’s warranty.