How to Fix Galaxy Tab 7 (P1000) The Boot loop

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there are always lessons of each galaxy problem because hp android tab is broken in other words can not go to the star and have limited stops at the logo or the term is called a boot loop. I also know how to track down and thank God I got the correct way. and I will be sharing knowledge about how to do repairs galaxy tab 7 (P1000) a boot loop, how will fix it is to factory reset the android mobile phone via a more general recovery mode.

There are 2 ways to do factory reset can be done via the settings menu (settings) privacy (privacy) of data factory reset (factory data reset). but if the state does not want to start or handphonenya not want to go to the menu, and then to do factory reset, must pass recovery mode.
factory reset is one way to restore software for mobile phone / tablet android to a state like just out of the factory. factory reset on normally can solve almost all problems that cause the damage to software.
recovery mode will be very useful if you are experiencing subject so that:
when the android mobile phone can not start or stop at the logo only limited (commonly called boot loop android). This can be because the subject of, for example because there is an application error or have just installed an application that is not compatible with the type of phone (in many cases, after installing the font changer).when the android mobile phone can be switched on, but do not want to respond to input from the user, eg touch screen android does not want or can not go to the phone / tablet.if you forget your pin, password or you do so many experiments to draw patterns (pattern) that lead to lock android phone you can not go into the menu.damages following android software.
to do factory reset via recovery mode with the outline can be done with these two easy steps. There are 2 ways to do factory reset is the first to go into the settings menu - privacy - factory reset the data. before doing the reset time make sure you read the warning first obtained. if you format the sd pingin all external memory card or make sure put a tick in the erase sd card. but if you do not want data erased or formatted sd card, remove the tick marks on the erase sd card.
and the second way is to hard reset. There are two hard reset any way that is:
A. The first way:
first turn off the samsung tab by pressing the power button starts 10 seconds or more until the tab samsung really die or turn tab after death, the press the power button and volume buttons on the same time, wait until the logo appears on the screen.time on-screen logo appears release the power button, but the volume buttons still pressed on, until you will be brought to the recovery mode menu.recovery time in the menu mode, you point the cursor is put the volume up / down, menu wipe data / factory reset and press the home button or power, to begin to do factory reset samsung tab
2. The second way:
same as the first way you should turn off the first phone / tablet press and hold down the button over an android vol down + power with the same time you will enter in recovery mode.use the volume button, point the cursor so it is in writing "factory reset / wipe the data"press the home key will start the process please have patience when the processreboot phone
so, if you are experiencing boot loop on android phone or you forget your password or lock patterns android phone, you need to do is just go into recovery mode to do factory reset / wipe data. This is currently the problem is many people who do not know how to enter recovery mode tablet / mobile android hers.
please try and good luck ..
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